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AGC (North American specification)

Diesel/Electric with pantograph

Speed - 160kph (diesel) 200kph (electric)

2No 24.3l V12 diesel generators and singular central pantograph

3-car 160 seats 200 standees

4-car 220 seats 251 standees


This hybrid dual-mode train is able to access electricity from either the overhead catenary or the 2 onboard diesel generators. This dual mode enables services to operate on electrified and non-electrified lines, it is able to seemlessly interchange between the modes even while at speed.

The AGC trainsets are designed as modular articulated units, with two basic body shells: a powered driving car at either end and one or two unpowered intermediate sections with a low floor 590mm above the rail. A single 1300mm wide doorway is provided in the center of each car.

One disabled-accessible toilet is fitted in one driving car, where accommodation for two wheelchair users is also provided. A multi-function space in the other driving car can be fitted out to accommodate a luggage/bicycle/ski rack area, or a small buffet as required. The modular design allows the interior configurations to be varied to meet requirements.

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