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Siemens Charger Locomotive

The Siemens Charger is a family of diesel-electric passenger locomotives designed and manufactured by Siemens Mobility for the North American market. The Charger is powered by a Cummins 16-cylinder QSK95 4-stroke high speed diesel engine, which meets United States Environmental Protection Agency's more stringent Tier 4 emissions standards, the SC-44 produces 4,400 hp (3,300 kW), and both the SCV-42 and ALC-42 produce 4,200 hp (3,100 kW). The maximum speed in service is 125 mph (201 km/h).

A static inverter off of the main prime mover supplies head-end power (HEP). The locomotive also features dynamic braking with regenerative capability, allowing the locomotive to divert power generated by dynamic braking away from the resistor grids to HEP and onboard locomotive auxiliary power demands.

The locomotives meet CFR and AAR crashworthiness standards.

Siemens Viaggio Comfort.jpg

Siemens Viaggio Comfort

Siemens Viaggio Comfort is a brand of locomotive-hauled railroad passenger cars, most railcars are configured into semi-permanently coupled trainsets with open gangway-style connections between cars but with standard couplers on the outer ends of the trainset for connecting the trainset to locomotives or other railway equipment.

The Siemens Venture is based on the earlier Siemens Viaggio Comfort railcars in use in Europe, but adapted for the North American market, and meet CFR and AAR crashworthiness standards. A cab car allows the train to be operated in push-pull mode.

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