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AADT Analysis


Edmonton - In 2019 31060 vehicles traveled south of Leduc and 95800 traveled north of Nisku. Approximately 12270 vehicles per day traveled from highway 2A north to Edmonton, an increase of 40.2% from 2005. Approximately 51600 vehicles per day traveled from Leduc/Nisku, an increase of 91.6% from 2005, with 20440 vehicles from the Airport Rd junction.


Red Deer - In 2019 6660 vehicles traveled into Red Deer from the south, and 24470 from the north.


Calgary to Edmonton - In 2019 31510 vehicles per day traveled between Calgary and Red Deer, with 27940 vehicles per day between Red Deer and Edmonton, an increase of 53% and 39% respectively from 2005.

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