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Journey times:

Airdrie to Calgary:- 30 mins

High River to Calgary:- 45 mins

Cochrane to Calgary:- 20 mins

Calgary to Banff:- 1 hr 30 mins

AADT Analysis


Airdrie area - In 2019 42880 vehicles traveled north and 89440 traveled south of Airdrie, approximately 46560 vehicles per day traveled from Airdrie to Calgary, an increase of 89% from 2005.

Okotoks/High River area - In 2019 14100 vehicles traveled south of High River and 54390 traveled north of Okotoks, approximately 40290 vehicles per day traveled from Okotoks/High River to Calgary, an increase of 53% from 2005.


Banff/Lake Louise - In 2019 24020 vehicles headed west, 23570 entered the Banff National Park, 14330 carried on past the exit to Sunshine Ski Hill, and 7380 crossed from Alberta into British Columbia. Approximately 9240 vehicles per day stopped in the Banff area, an increase of 30% from 2005.

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Ocotoks AADT graph.jpg

Airdrie Transit Master Plan

According to the 2015 Municipal Census, 45.2% of workers commute to Calgary daily, the primary destination for commuters is the downtown core.

Calgary Regional Transit Plan

Estimates of the potential demand for an express service to downtown have been generated by the City of Calgary for each of the surrounding regional communities. The estimates have been made assuming that 40% of the trips are going downtown and 5% are going elsewhere via public transit.

"Commuter rail is not feasible until the towns are the size of Brampton (Ontario)"

In 1974 GO Transit established the Georgetown line through Brampton ON, in 1971 the population of Brampton was 41,211, by 1981 the population had exploded to 149,030. The population of Airdrie is 61,842 (2016), the population of the Okotoks region is 49,854 (2016).

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